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CERTIFIED EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19 (including EN14476 2013 + A2 2019)</p style=”text-align: center;”>  Long-lasting anti-viral and anti-microbial performance. Effective for up to ten days. Complies with ASTM E 2180 standards


Food-safe, Water-based and alcohol free, Bacoban WB cleans, disinfects and protects; leaving a micro protection layer that lasts up to ten days. Even in high traffic areas like door handles and handrails Bacoban give protection for days, not minutes.

Safe to use on almost any surface from polished metals, kitchen surfaces, floors, to carpets, leather and upholstery, Bacoban can bring hospital level infection control to you home or business. Simply dilute 5ml into a 500ml trigger spray bottle of tap water and clean/wipe surfaces to clean and disinfect at once. Leave to dry for at least 2 minutes (5 mins for viruses like Covid-19) and you’re done.

We use it at home to clean pretty much everything from our kitchens (including the oven) and bathrooms, to the floors. It brings old vinyl floors up amazingly, gets rid of the lingering smell of pets (cat’s wee a speciality) all without making the house smell like a hospital ward (but at least as clean as one).

This 250ml bottle can make up to 50 refills at around 83p each.

The unique dosimeter bottle enables accurate measuring of 5ml of concentrate to make up each trigger-spray bottle. Simply measure, pour into water-filled 500ml trigger spray and you are ready to start cleaning, disinfecting and protecting all types of surfaces. Make it up using tap water, use what you need in a few days and discard the rest – the 10 days starts from when you make it up.

Water-based surface disinfectant concentrate containing a polycondensate, a quaternary ammonium compound and sodium pyrithione.  Does not contain Aldehyde or Phenol.

For the disinfection of “medical” areas in accordance with EU  directives and all types of surfaces in hospitals, doctors’ practices, rehabilitation centres, care homes etc.

Especially useful for areas where unpleasant odours caused by microorganisms can occur, such as toilets and sanitary facilities. Bacoban WB may be used in critical and sensitive areas of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Contents to be diluted in concentration of 1 part per 100 in water (distilled water may be used).

Bacoban WB is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses (hepatitis B and C HIV, Influenza including H5N1 and H1N1, rotaviruses and adenoviruses)

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